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14th July 2017

KL MetalCamp 2017 - New T-shirts for 25th Anniversary

Rudra - New 25th Anniversary KL MetalCamp Tshirt

The band is very excited to be part of prestigious Metal festival of Malaysia, KL Metalcamp 2017. To commemorate our 25th Anniversary and our appearance in KL Metalcamp, we have released a limited 50 copies of KL Metalcamp shirts.

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10th December 2016

Rudra will be performing at Doomsday V: Enemy of Duality Album Launch

Rudra - Enemy of Duality Album Launch Gig - Doomsday V

The official Album release show in Singapore, happening on the 17th of Dec. Grab the limited edition CDs and the limited edition t-shirts at the show. See you there. (17th December 2016) at Aliwal Arts Centre, Singapore. Gates open at 5pm.

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5th September 2016

Rudra’s 8th album, Enemy of Duality, will be unleashed on the 10th of November 2016

Rudra - Enemy of Duality

Rudra’s 8th album, Enemy of Duality, will be unleashed on the 10th of November 2016 through Transcending Obscurity. This time the band explores 8 verses from the sanskrit text 'Mandukya Karika’ through 8 songs. This album is also a return to the Rudra’s signature Vedic metal fusing traditional Indian instrumentation such as the sitar, flute, tabla and even a didgeridoo.

The album artwork presents the Trident or a Trishula with a Damaru (in Indian Drum) tied to the rod. The three spears represent the three states of Waking, Dream and Deep Sleep. The rod that holds the spears are connected the three spears and yet it is apart from it. And hence it represents the fourth state of pervasive Consciousness called Turiya. The Damaru which creates sound and hence represents the very Mandukya Upanishad which uses the sound OM to present the four states. The artwork presents the primary theme of the Mandukya Karika which is Turiya.

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The Pioneers of Vedic Metal

Vedic Metal

Rudra are the pioneers of Vedic Metal, characterized as a bridge between the east and the west: incorporating Indian traditional music, Sanskrit chants and mantras into Metal. The band has a reputation of being consistently innovative and visionary composers pushing the boundaries of metal music since 1992.

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